GeoIP API service - GeoIP Country-City-Region


  • Cover up to 99.7% IP addresses
  • Determinate country name, country code, city, region code, region name, latitude, longitude by IP addresses
Format of answer and fields:
Format:{country code}|{country name}|{city name}|{region code}|{region name}|{latitude}|{longitude}

field namedata typedescriptionexamples
country codelenght 2, uppercase charscountry code in iso3166 formatDE,ES,US
country namelenght up to 55 charscountry name in iso3166 formatMalaysia,United States
city namelenght up to 55 charsname of city or town in ISO-8859-1 encodingRome,London
region codelenght 2, numericregion code 1-992,13,16
region namelenght up to 55 charsregion nameLuhans'ka Oblast'
latitudefloat, numericlatitude of city where IP is located48.6633
longitudefloat, numericlongitude of city where IP is located38.7614

Notice: format can be customized by customer request.
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