GeoIP API service exploitation schemes (on GeoIP Country example)

There are two common scheme of API using

Request info about IP from your server
Service determine the Internet visitor's country based on the visitor's IP address. You sending IP address of visitor, receiving - country code and coutry name (format can be choosed). Example: some visitor request site's page and you need to determinate country for it => your script sending request to our API, getting data and using it for next page processing.

Request info about user's IP from user's browser
Service determinate the country of user that request API link. Your visitor's browser retreiving content of JavaScript (or something other), API will return something like "var user_country = 'country name in selected format'; ", variable "user_country" will be accessible on page and you can hide some blocks or do some redirects linked with user's location. Example: you want to user it's country location, it's very easy just insert to html code something like it - "<script type="text/javascript" src="[url_of_api]"></script><script> alert('Your country is '+user_country);</script>".

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