Verify Email List, verification, online email validator tool


  • Email list verification on more than 95% of email services
  • Pay per result (price from 0.5$ to 0.1$ per 1000 emails)
  • Emails list safety guarantee (we will not use emails for any other cases or resale)
  • High speed and automatic processing
Our email list verification initialy cost 0.0005 USD per one email address (0.5 USD per 1000 emails),
future rate linked with number of processed entries per your account, see pricing table.

0-10,000 10,000-30,000 30,000-100,000 100,000-500,000 500,000-...
 $0.5 ($0.5 per 1000 emails)  $0.4 $0.3 $0.2 $0.1

* Email verification rate will not be increased, for example if you have process 500,000 emails - all next emails will cost $0.1 too.
** Our discount system means that you initially pay $0.5 per 1000 emails, after you will verify 10,000 emails - your next 1000 emails will cost $0.4.

Verify email list in two easy steps!

Automatic email list verification
1) Increase your account balance
2) Input your emails list to text field (one email per line)
3) See how our email list validator working without page reload
4) Finally, it will table with emails and verification statuses

It is very easy to use Verify Email List with our tool, you do not need to have any technical knowladge and it's take few of time, see examples below.

Example of emails list:

Example of output file in CVS format:
Screenshot (real form is bigger)

Email result status list:
ok - email address exist and correct
fail - email address not exist
unknown - email server do not allow to check this email

*** You pay only if email verification status is "ok" or "fail".

Few reasons for use our service

  • Lots of email services do not allow to check email if requestor is not valid email server - we working on it, and percent of "unknown" is low
  • Our scripts are up to date, and always camptable with most user email servers
  • Your server will not be banned by email server
  • High email verification speed
  • Verify email list in easy two steps, all is going as automatic processing
Verify emails in two easy steps!
It's the cheapest offer for email list verificartion!

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